THUMPER Multipurpose Still 10L - 100L (2.5 Gal - 26 Gal) Home Distillery


THUMPER Series: One of our most popular stills

Easy to use, this affordable, high quality still can be used to produce commercial grade spirits such as vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon, brandy and rum. It can also be used to make essential oils and distil water. 

Dimensions of the Boiler by Volume:

  • 10 Litres (2.5 Gallon): 25cm (10 inches) Diameter x 18cm (7 inches) Height

  • 12 Litres (3 Gallon): 25cm (10 inches) Diameter x 25cm (10 inches) Height

  • 20 Litres (5 Gallon): 30cm (12 inches) Diameters x 30cm (12 inches) Height

  • 30 Litres (8 Gallon): 35cm (14 inches) Diameters x 35cm (14 inches) Height

  • 70 Litres (18 Gallon): 45cm (17 inches) Diameters x 45cm (17 inches) Height

  • 100 Litres (26 Gallon): 50cm (19 inches) Diameters x 50cm (19 inches) Height

Package List:

  1. Stainless steel boiler with 4 clamps and thermometer

  2. Copper or Stainless Steel cooler within a thumper keg

  3. Water hose with water connection for you to connect your house tap

  4. Air lock to use the still for fermenting

  5. 2.2m meter silicone hose

  6. Three taps to control the flow of the water

  7. Stainless Steel stand to for better cooling 

  8. Print instructions (how to set up the still and how to use it) 

You will need (NOT included): yeast, water supply, heat source (we suggest using an induction cooker or gas stove)