HUAOU 2500mL Aspirator Bottle 2.5L Amber Brown with Ground - In Glass Stopper and Stopcock Distilled Water Wine Liquor

HUAOU, a famous glass manufacturer from China, was founded in 1967 and mainly produces all kinds of glass products, including more than 400 varieties and more than 3000 specifications.
In the industry, HUAOU's products are known for their solid quality and affordable prices. Because of this, HUAOU's products can be exported from China and sell well in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. 
Sale Service

We promise to inspect the products carefully before shipment and the products will be properly packaged, however, according to our experience, the glass products transported to the customers will have a breakage rate of about 5%. When you receive the package, be sure to open it in front of the courier and check it immediately. If there is any damage to the goods, you can take photos and contact us within 24 hours, we will cooperate with you to solve the problem, we are very sorry for this. Of course, if you are in urgent need of these glass products, please remember to buy a backup and tell us, we will divide the product into two packages to minimize the probability of breakage. 

Classification: Laboratory Bottle
Color: Brown transparent
Model Number: 1424-2500
Material: Glass
Capacity: 2500ml
I.D.: 43mm
O.D.: 145mm
Dia. of Lower Mouth: 30mm
Height: 280mm
Origin: Yancheng China