COMBO 5 Star Still 5/8/13/18 Gallon 20/30/50/70 Litres Combination Pot + Reflux Still

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Our COMBO 5 Star Still has the best of both worlds

Coming in 5/8/13/18 Gallon or 20/30/50/70 Litres it's suitable for pot and reflux distillation. Pot distillation is best for distilling dark spirits like whiskey, rum, brandy and bourbon, as well as distilling essential oils and water. Reflux distillation is best for making white spirits like vodka and gin, along with high proof ethanol for applications such a making THC oil and other medical marijuana products.

The COMBO 5 Star Still has five condensations, producing high purity, commercial grade alcohol, essential oil and THC. The higher the number of condensations, the higher the purity of alcohol, the less impurities.

Dimensions of the Boiler by Volume:

  • 5 Gallon / 20 Litres: 28cm in diameter x 30cm in height
  • 8 Gallon / 30 Litres: 33cm in diameter x 33cm in height
  • 13 Gallon / 50 Litres: 38cm in diameter x 40cm in height
  • 18 Gallon / 70 Litres: 44cm in diameter x46cm in height

Package Includes:

Water Pump, Measuring Cylinder, Silicone Tube, Thermometer, Seal, Vent, Exhaust Valve, Mount Three Way Joint

  • Boiler: Stainless Steel
  • Cooling Pipes: Top grade red copper
  • Welding: The item is argon welded to avoid any of the health issues associated with welding and solder constructed alcohol stills
  • Heat source: induction cooler, stove, or any other heating sources are suitable

You will need (NOT included): yeast, water supply, heat source (we suggest using an induction cooker or gas stove)

Note: You can NOT use a water-pump when using this still, because it is hard to control the flow of the water; but you can use your house tap