Chemistry 1000ml Distillation Apparatus Laboratory Glassware Kit Set Chemistry Lab Glass Distilling Distillation Apparatus 24/29

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1000ml vacuum distillation extract kit with 24/29 joint
Perfect for school,factory,science lab vacuum distillation and extract usage

Package included:
1X 1000ml Vacuum Distillation Extract Kit




Plastic clip for 24/29 joint 24/29 5pcs
Vacuum Take-off Adapter,24/29 105 deg; bend 1pcs
Vigreux Distilling Column with arm 24/29 1pcs
Celsius Thermometer 24/29 1pcs

Round bottom flask, single neck, 1000ml, 24/29

1000ml 1pcs

Round bottom flask, single neck, 500ml, 24/29

500ml 1pcs
Liebig Distillation Column 200mm, 24/29 1pcs
Rubber Bleed Hose ID 6mm, OD 9mm 2M


Classification: Flask
Brand Name: KICUTE
Model Number: Other