Angel Yeast 8pcs/Lot=80g Active Dry Wine Yeast 10g for 50 KG Grape Home Brewing Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Wine Yeast

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Angel Yeast 8pcs/Lot=80g Active Dry Wine Yeast 10g for 50 KG Grape Home Brewing  Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Wine Yeast 

There are 2 types:

1: One is SY Type, which is more suitable for red wine:


One is RW which is more suitable for white wine:

General grape skin itself is attached to the wild yeast, so long as the grape crush, maintain proper temperature, over several hours will automatically fermented grape juice up, but special wine yeast wild yeast is not purebred, so of course the flavor out of the wine brewing on the bad, the other, the outer skin of grapes dirty, but also with some other bacteria, but not before brewing them thoroughly cleansed (because it will wash away the wild yeast, fermented grape juice is not up) so if you have a dedicated wine yeast, can be thoroughly cleaned before the grapes were fermented wine out of the wine so much on health. 
Super simple instructions: buy 5 kg of grapes sticks wash, hand crushed, into a container, containers of not more than 70%, adding wine yeast 1 g, add 5 kg of white sugar plus put 0.5-1kg of grapes/ Catchy cover with plastic paper, about seven days separating the good-for-barrel fermented and then completely closed on the line

Type: Bar Tools
Certification: FDA, EEC, CIQ
Feature: Stocked, Disposable, Eco-Friendly
Material: Active Dry Wine Yeast
Bar Tools Type: Active Dry Wine Yeast