500ml 1000ml Chemistry Lab Glassware Kit, Glass Distilling, Distillation Apparatus, 24/29 Lab Supplies


You will receive all the items in the picture except for the iron stand which is not included.

This borosilicate glass with low linear coefficient of expansion is ideal choice for fabricating laboratory glassware.

  • Annealing Point: 560C 
  • Linear Coefficient of Expansion: 32×10-7/C
  • Softening Point: 820C 

The thickness of the flask wall is 2.5mm. All of the joint is 24/29. This kits has 6 kinds of parts as below:

Part Name Quantity
500m or 1000ml Round Bottom Boiling Flask 1
250 or 500ml Round Bottom Boiling Flask  1
3 wayThermometer Adapter  1
Thermometer adapter 1
Vaccum Take Off Adapter 1
Liebig Condenser 200mm 1


Classification: Beaker
Model Number: Distillation Apparatus