Essencia Electric Essential Oil Distiller 10L/21L/32L/55L New Home Lab Stainless Automatic Still for Distilling Essential Oil , Water & Alcohol Distillation

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The Essencia Electric Essential Oil Distiller is specifically designed to produce commercial grade essential oil

This is full set essential oil distiller which is widely used in all kinds essential oil application in the home and beauty industry.


  • This professional distiller can distill essential oil from fruit, vegetables, flowers, grass, wood and other botanicals
  • It's an automatic DIY distillation machine, safe, fast and efficient
  • It comes in 4 different sizes: 10L/21L/32L/55L that can meet your different essential oil needs
  • Very easy to beset up and use, make essential oils for perfumes, tinctures etc.
  • One year warranty with free replacement
  • Boiler material is stainless steel 
  • Heat source is electric and compatible with 220V