10" Beer Filter Housing with 30" lengths of tubing and liquid ball lock fittings beer brewing equipments retail and wholesale

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Filtering isn't just for commercial breweries anymore!

Now you can benfit from this time saving process at home.

Filtering your beer does much more than just give you a clearer, brighter beer.

The filtering process can eliminate weeks of secondary aging, giving you better tasting beer much quicker than before.

During secondary aging the primary effect is that more yeast settles out of suspension, carrying with it, proteins, polyphenols, and other flavor compounds that contribute to the "green" flavor of un-aged beers. Filtering will eliminate most of this yeast and those flavor compounds in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

Connect inline between the outlets of two kegs and use Co2 to push beer through the filter before carbonation, and enjoy crystal clear, cleaner tasting beer. The 5 micron Filter included is suitable for most applications and will filter up to 10 gallons of beer when used on two consecutive kegs. Filters should NOT be reused. 

Kit comes with liquid ball lock fittings on both sides.

30" lengths of tubing, 10" clear filter housing. 

We have 5 Pack of 1 Micron PP Filters in store to use with this filter.

Brand Name: CRBrewBeer